About Digitalo

Our Experience

We come from a background of business digital management roles stretching back to early 2000. We've worked in a wide variety of sectors both nationally and globally. We’ve designed and built websites, launched and managed e-commerce sites, and run pay-per-click, email marketing, banner ad, and social media campaigns. Digitalo's founders have held online strategy, management and operational roles with the following organisations:

  You have a business that you’re great at and passionate about – that’s how we feel about digital and online marketing. Our passion for combining effective marketing with great digital design and usability led us to create Digitalo. We’re committed to helping small business do big things online. That’s our digital journey – we’d love to help you on yours.

Our Ethos

We talk business before we talk digital. 

It’s really important that your digital activities match your business needs. We don’t start our conversation with you by talking about apps, mobile sites, or social media. We talk about your business goals and challenges to get a clear picture of what you and your customers want and need:

Business awareness

Sell your products online

Keeping in touch with customers

Reach new customers

Our Approach

We know that some businesses choose to outsource their digital activities and others have the people and skills to do it in-house but sometimes need support. That’s why we offer flexible ways of working to suit you.

You can be fully managed by Digitalo. You can be supported by Digitalo. You can be trained by Digitalo. Maybe you need one-off help, or perhaps you need on-going management. Whatever you need, we're by your side to guide, assist or lead.

Digital consultancy & planning
Build & manage service
Training & support

Our Services

We specialise in creating beautiful, functional and effective websites. We can manage your social media channels. We can run your email marketing, digital advertising and write your blogs. Interested? Read more about our digital services: 

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