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Prices of Web Services – Samford Valley & Surrounds

It’s the number one question people ask so here are some indicative prices!

Our Web Prices

How much is a new website? How much for a blog? Common questions, so on this page we’re going to show some guideline prices. And where useful, related IT / Graphical / Web services you might want to consider also. Prices are subject to change but a good example if you want to tot up how much things might cost. As always, get in touch for a quote if you’d like a customised price.

Discounts & Budgets

If you want a lot of services, or regular services, then we’re happy to discount. If you have a set budget given to you by your boss, just tell us and we’ll tell you what we can do for that.

Flexible Payment

We are also flexible around payment. You can pay in easy stages, like a payment plan, rather than a big chunk at no extra cost if it helps.

GST Free

Digitalo are also GST free so we’re even better value!


Guideline Prices

WordPress Updates / Backup Services
Install & configure a premium automatic website back-up solution (plus a dropbox to store copies) $100
Monthly update of WordPress, plugins, themes etc. (Need a back-up solution in place first) $20
Web Design

New websites or refreshed websites

Example prices:
Up to 5 pages (+ 3 legal pages): $800-$1200 approximately
Up to 15 pages (including legal pages) $2500 approximately

Get a quote for your specific requirements & also if it is going to include a shop

$400 per day


Install and configure Yoast Premium & Yoast Local $150
Write / re-write the metadata for each page you have (bulk prices available) $ 10 per page
Overhaul the site SEO (headings, content, URLs, image alt text, hyperlinks etc.) $80 per hour
Backlinking (get sites to link to you to improve domain authority, includes setting up profiles e.g. True Local) $80 per hour
Set up Google Business page $100
SEO Report – the state of your current site’s SEO $200


Social Media
Set up social media account + profile graphics $80 per hour
Text post (if featuring a URL, an image preview usually appears automatically) on one account, page or group $20
Text post with chosen stock photograph on one account, page or group $40
Text post with customised image (e.g. bespoke image with your own message / offering) on one account, page or group $80
Posting of a message to all your social media accounts $50
Posting of a message to local Facebook noticeboards that accept business posts $20 per group
On your website pages, fill out the opengraph information for Facebook which governs the image, title and description shown in preview on Facebook. $15 per page
Add a social media sharing bar on your website $50
Add a social media follow button to your website (position depends on your theme – footer / header etc.) $100
Add a social media stream to your website – e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Includes editing the menu / creating the page. $80 per hour


Hosting & Domains
$5.45 WordPress Monthly hosting – free SSL, live chat assistance, unlimited email addresses etc. Visit SiteGround
Domain name from $20.85 a year e.g. for .com.au Visit SiteGround


Wording for Website Disclaimer, Website Ts & Cs & Privacy Policy $180
Put your legal policies onto pages and put in footer $100
Fix why the secure padlock icon isn’t showing $80 per hour
Install premium anti-hacking / malware plugins & configure $100
Change your default login page URL to hide from hackers $30
Find suitable commercial-free stock photography $10 per search
Fix images that are too big in size (dimensions or file size) $20 per image
Create a Favicon (icon for your website in the browser) $50
Create new email addresses or create forwarders $10 each
Creating templates, composing emails, and sending emails in MailChimp $80 per hour
Content Writing
Re-write old content, write new web-friendly content or write blogs $80 per hour
Web Editing & New Functionality
New web pages, delete old pages, add new functionality, edit menu, write content etc.

Discounts available for bulk or regular hours. Ask for a quote.

$80 per hour



Shop management – adding / editing products etc. 

To add a shop to your website, please ask for a quote.

$80 per hour


Google Analytics

Set up Google Analytics on your site and install a plugin to give you overview stats within WordPress.

For reporting, please ask for a quote.  



Live Chat

Add live chat or Facebook Messenger to your site (Messenger is free, most live chat plugins are free but some cost a small amount depending on requirements)



Site slow? Forms broken? $80 per hour
Anything Else

E.g. Reports, health checks, statistics, strategies

Feel free to ask for a quote for anything specific. 


$80 per hour or $400 a day


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