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Good Value WordPress Hosting

Often overlooked, is how important a host for your website can be. What if your homepage has vanished or been hacked. Or emails don’t work. Or your secure padlock icon has gone. Or anything else a bit peculiar – that’s when you are relying on the expertise of your host to fix any problem as quickly as possible. Here at DIGITALO, we only offer great value, top quality hosting and support solutions. We recommend SiteGround for hosting – one of the few hosts recommended by WordPress.

Why SiteGround For Hosting?

Recommended by WordPress

SiteGround is only one of three hosts recommended by WordPress itself.

Amazing Reviews!

Just google them – everyone loves them. Or check out these SiteGround reviews!


Free HTTPS For Security

Other hosts charge about $70 for https – which is essential these days.


DIGITALO Assistance

Once hosting is purchased, DIGITALO will set everything up. Site, HTTPS, email & more. 

Blazing Speed

SSD (Solid State Drive) technology and optimisation to boost speed. 


Free Website Transfer

Currently with another host? They’ll move it for free.

10GB Web Space

A 1GB site is big, so 10GB is huge for the average site. Lots of space for emails too!

Free WordPress Install

They will install WordPress for free for you to get your website started.

99.99% Uptime Guaranteed

You can’t really get much higher, supremely reliable hosting.

Unlimited Email Addresses

Have as many emails as you like, or forward your emails!


Tough Security

Protecting users through backups, WordPress auto-updates & safeguards.


30-Day Backups

If anything goes wrong, you can easily revert to an earlier copy of the website.

WordPress Web Hosting Samford

Why You Need To Update Your WordPress Plugins & Theme

What is the most common thing we notice when we go into people’s websites? The number of updates available. Often sites haven’t been touched in years for many reasons, including not knowing the importance of updating and also worry about the implications of updating the theme, plugins or WordPress itself. By not updating, like your desktop PC, you leave yourself open to issues like hacking. Prevention is the best form of protection. We can update your theme and plugins, so your website is always running the latest features, security and functionality. No worries!

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