Business 10

Multi-purpose design but ideal for business websites.

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You can use this design as a basis for your own website, whether it’s financial or indeed a travel website.

Everything is interchangeable – a design is a just a layout and we can substitute all text, images and colourings for your own.

If you also like another design we have, we can combine elements of each into your final website.

This page’s style can be extended to further pages to make up your website.

We can add any plugins (functionality) that you wish, e.g. social media sharing.

Additional Pages

This design has some example complementary pages that could be incorporated into your overall website design:

  1. Business Landing Page
  2. Business Homepage
  3. Business About Page
  4. business Portfolio Page
  5. Business Pricing Page
  6. Business Blog Page
  7. Business Contact Page

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