Small Business Digital Grants
A great time to get a website!

The QLD Government is running its Small Business Digital Grants Program again, whereby businesses can get a grant of up to $10k to purchase a new website. The deadline for applying is 5pm on 26th June 2019.

What is the funding?

Matched funding of up to $10k (excluding GST) may be provided to eligible businesses for the purchase of hardware, software and services. The minimum grant funding is $1,000. The business must show how the digital technology or service purchased and adopted will enhance the digital capabilities of their business, and help them to be more competitive and employ more staff.  So e.g. a $3k website will actually cost $1.5k.

Where do I apply and find more detail?

Visit the QLD Government Small Business Digital Grant Program page.

Quote form

This form allows DIGITALO to give you a quote to attach to your grant application. If approved, you are under no obligation to proceed, so it’s a good idea to get a quote just in case. 

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