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It’s all about using communication channels to your advantage. But HOW?

Social Media – what’s it all about?

It’s been around so long now. It’s basically two-way communication platforms with your customers, or potential customers, and beyond – customers interacting also. There are countless social media platforms, but some of the big ones are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google Business, Instagram & Pinterest.

Social Media Samford Valley & Brisbane

What’s GOOD about Social Media for businesses?




What’s the main point of Facebook Community groups? A great way to ask fellow local people for recommendations. Facebook almost demote tour recommendation if don’t have a Facebook business page. It’s also incredibly important to have your own Google Business page and get reviews as these are the first things people see when they google your business name or need.


Your social media accounts link to your business website. These are called backlinks. The more links to your site, the more domain authority you have. The more domain authority you have, the more Google likes you and ranks you higher on searches!

Leads, bookings, enquiries, revenue!

It’s so easy to contact you on social media. A lot of people also put Facebook Messenger on their websites. People who recommend you, can easily contact you for more information. It’s a great medium to harvest leads. And you can show off your products and services too.

Customer service

Any company serious about customer service, uses social media as a customer service channel. Pizza Hut, the Government – it allows customers to interact and ask questions with ease. Facebook Messenger on your site can act like live chat, so you can guide people through to sale or booking if there are questions.



What are your competitors saying and doing on social media? What are your customers saying? You can also use it for direct research – e.g. we’ve seen posts along the lines of, I’m thinking of launching a fitness class for mums – what are mums looking for in a fitness class? The answer is gold dust!

Brand awareness / advertising

What can you do if business is stalling and no spending budget? Post in e.g. Facebook community groups. It’s a great way to keep your business top of mind, get leads and Facebook typically allows you to post further for a small extra fee. 

How can Digitalo help with social media?


Set up social media accounts

We can help you decide which accounts best suit your business, and go through the processes of setting them up & add the profile graphics. So you can be professional from day one. 

Post on social media

It takes time, doesn’t it. Finding the words, graphics, links… and then you often post in many places too. Your other accounts and also e.g. other community groups on Facebook. We can do all that for you.

Write blogs

Facebook, Twitter etc. are great for short and sweet announcements, but when you want to say something of substance, or take traffic back to your site, or indeed write blogs for the purpose of SEO to share on social media, you need a blog written! We can do that, and format / post it. 

Add social media to your website

Not to be forgotten, you need to be able to share the site / pages on social media, and you need social media follow buttons. It also helps to e.g. add Facebook Messenger on your site as a form of live chat  – we can help with that! Plus it helps with SEO.

Create graphics and images for posts

It’s a fact that pictorial posts get better click-through rates than boring text alone. You need an eye-catching graphic, or indeed have a graphic with a message on it. We can help you create the best graphic to go with your posts!

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