Get Noticed With Digitalo Social Media Assistance 

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Get Noticed With Digitalo Social Media Assistance

 Social Media Support

Set Up Accounts

We can set up your social media accounts & add your cover image & logo


Blogs & Postings

We can write your blogs & do all your social media posts / images


We can train you in any aspect of social media

facebook social media samford valley


We can do all your social media advertising to generate awareness

Reports & Analytics

We can create reports to measure social media success

Goals & Strategy

We can help you work out your aims and how to get there

Add Social To Your Website

Digitalo can help gear up your website to work hand-in-hand with your social media efforts


Add social media sharing icons to your website so users can share your pages


Add your social media channels to your website so users can follow you


Add “Open Graph” information to your pages so e.g. Facebook displays the right image and text when your page is shared

Our Location

Samford Valley 4520, Queensland


Phone: 0490 852 357


Contact Us

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