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Get noticed. Get new customers. Unleash the power of social media.

Say Hello To New Customers & Revenue Through Social Media

If there are about 15 million Australians using Facebook, what are you doing to reach out to them before your competitors do? Are you leveraging existing loyal customers?

Samford’s Digitalo can help in all aspects of your social media, whether your aim is to get new customers, increase spend or develop your brand.


Social Media Services Samford

Social Media Services

Let us handle Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Google Business posts.

Social Media Account Creation

We can create new accounts for you, including dressing it with imagery.

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  • We can set up any social media accounts for you, and create your personalised profile and cover images.
  • The accounts will be personalised and optimised for your business, saving you time in setting them up.

Social Media Strategy & Goals

We can help you determine what social media accounts you need and aims. 

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There are lots of social media channels out there – which ones are the right ones for you and your audience? We can tell you which you need and help develop strategies and goals for each channel.

Social Media Management

We’ll do all your social media postings and handle messages + comments.

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  • We can manage your social media accounts, or just do posts and updates when you don’t have time.
  • We can personalise and optimise your messaging for each social media channel.
  • We can create impactful wording, find stock images or create graphics in your brand style for your posts.

Blogs & News Creation

We can write your website blog articles and promote these on social media.

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Sometimes you may want to promote something that has a lot of detail or content. Rather than overload a social media post, it’s best to create a blog item on your website and then promote this page on your social media channels. We can craft your blogs and promote these for you. 

To find out more how Digitalo can help, read our post on Social Media for Samford.


Facebook Services Samford

Social Media Add-Ons

Further enhance your social media effectiveness with Digitalo.


Are you reaching your goals? Are you achieving your strategy? We can report on your social media success. 

Social Media Ads

Not only can we manage your Facebook adverts, we can also manually promote you in appropriate local Facebook groups and pages.


Not sure how to post or what you should be saying? We can train you in understanding any social media channel and how to get the best from it with limited time. 

Website Social
  • We can create your blogs for use on social media.
  • We can add social media sharing buttons throughout your website.
  • We can add follow icons on your website (follow you on social media.)
  • We can add open graph information to pages (when you e.g. paste a page URL in a social media post, there is typically a page preview – open graph information specifies the title, description and image for social media.)

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