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It’s all about ranking high on Google (etc.) But HOW?

How do you rank more highly on Google?

So you have a website. It’s live! But you can’t even find yourself on Google. Or you’re on page 15. How do other people do it, what’s their secret? Well let’s delve into it!


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Top 10 things that help you rank more highly on Google



1. Secure Padlock Icon

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  • In your browser, is there a padlock icon next to your URL? E.g. look up at the digitalo.com.au URL above, you can see a padlock icon.
  • If you don’t have this on your site, Google is not a fan of this. It’s trying to get all sites to be secure and penalties for not are increasing. Right now it demotes you a bit.
  • Drop us a line if you want some advice on getting your secure padlock icon.

2. Backlinking

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  • How popular is your domain? I.e. does anyone link to your site?
  • The higher the number (ibut quality matters too), the more your site is deemed to have “Domain Authority.”
  • Add your website to various online directories and applicable websites to increase your Domain Authority. This includes creating social media accounts too. 

3. Google Business Page

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  • Create your Google Business Page to tell Google your business exists.
  • It’s instrumental in featuring on their maps, getting reviews etc.

4. Website Content Optimisation

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  • At the end of the day,  if you want to rank for something, that phrase or phrases have to feature prominently on your site.
    • As the site is built in the underlying structure
    • And create pages specifically around those phrases
  • This means repetition of your key phrase in all the important places – URL, page title, titles, subtitles, content, image alt-text, hyperlinks, bold, and making sure your page metadata reflects it too (title and description for Google.)
  • That way you’re saying to Google, you know that phrase e.g. “web design samford.” Well I am the most relevant site as I have just written a page called “Web Design Samford” and it’s repeated all throughout my page! So Google marries up the phrase people are searching for, and your relevant content.
  • A good tip is writing Blog around specific phrases – see below!

5. Blogs

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  • Following on from above, blogs are great at 3 things.
    • Google loves fresh content. So this is an SEO boost.
    • You can write blogs on all the topics you think your potential customers are googling for, so your page is relevant. Relevancy is the key to SEO. Your content matches what people are looking for = more likely to go top (or page 1!)
    • Blogs are great to share on social media, and they bring traffic back to your site when people click through. It’s a back-link also, increasing your Domain Authority. 

6. Social Media Accounts

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  • Social Media accounts are all part of the jigsaw that makes up how popular and relevant your site and pages are.
  • They are basically extensions of your own website, and Google takes these into account.
    • Social media accounts, like Facebook, Instagram, link back to your site (back linking = improved Domain Authority)
    • They are fresh content
    • More visitors to your site
  • The more social media accounts you can publish and maintain, the better for SEO. Google can see what social media accounts are connected to your site, and can see how many followers you have, how often you post etc. So it’s all an algorithm around popularity, relevancy and freshness that help boost SEO.
  • You can also help by having social media sharing functionality on your site, to increase your back linking / popularity.
  • And you should feature the ability to follow your social media accounts on your website too.
  • So good to do a regular blog on things you want to rank for, and what people may be googling for. You want to be the first answer to their problem.

7. Favicon

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  • Apparently that little icon you see on browser tabs, affects SEO!
  • Easy fix, get a Favicon – ask Digitalo for advice.

8. Metadata

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  • Metadata is the title and description that you can actually write for each page, which Google will use to display in its search results.
  • There is a knack to writing metadata, it needs to be a certain number of characters, you need to mention your key phrases, and put the most important phrases at the beginning.
  • Plugins like Yoast help you write these, as they show you if you’ve written to little, or too much.
  • We’re an expert at writing these, if you need help!

9. Change Theme

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  • At the end of the day, if your website hasn’t been built with SEO in mind, and perhaps it needs a refresh anyway, we recommend changing theme and giving it an overhaul.
  • It’s not necessarily a costly solution, as most of your content is there, it just needs to be made more powerful and rearranged.
  • Changing theme and overhauling can help with some of the more technical / base on-site SEO:
    • SEO-friendly URLs
    • Reducing inline CSS
    • HTML page sizes
    • Site loading speed
    • Number of page objects
    • Javascript and CSS minification
    • Mobile friendliness
  • As the site is re-built, we use your key phrases and keywords, and infuse the site from the bottom up, from URLs to menu naming, titles, image alt-text, and content.
  • And add new metadata too!

10. Google Analytics

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  • Connecting your site to Google Analytics is not only good for you, but good for SEO.
  • Google of course owns Google Analytics so it’s another way to raise your hand and show you exist. They can see everything at their end, all about your site. So they can see your popularity and freshness, and how people get to your site and why.
  • You also get a suite of tools to look at traffic, visitors and more. And further tools in the Google Search Console to manage your appearance in Google search results.
  • Adding Google Analytics code is easy, just drop us a line!

Next Steps

You can contact us for any queries on the above, and also starter SEO services to look at your site and your competitors so we can recommend the best course of action. We can also help write your blogs and keep social media accounts fresh with new content.

And why did we write this blog? It’s a common question we get asked, and also to come top in Google for “SEO Samford.” We already rank #1, let’s see if we can be #1 and #2!


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