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Worry-Free WordPress Updating

Once you have a WordPress site, like your car, it needs a bit of maintenance else you might end up breaking down. Literally. Updates typically feature new security enhancements and functionality. The longer a site is left untouched, the more likely hackers will take advantage to do undesirable things – typically to redirect it to equally undesirable sites and they will cut off your login so you’re stuck. The most proactive way forward is to ensure all updates – plugins, WordPress itself and your theme – are absolutely the latest.

We can do all the updates, which also takes the worry out of what happens if an update triggers an issue. If you are on a budget you can purchase maintenance as required, though we do recommend monthly updates to keep safe. 

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Why You Need To Update Your WordPress Plugins & Theme

What is the most common thing we notice when we go into people’s websites? The number of updates available. Often sites haven’t been touched in years for many reasons, including not knowing the importance of updating and also worry about the implications of updating the theme, plugins or WordPress itself. By not updating, you can become a target for hackers with malicious intent. Prevention is the best form of protection. 

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