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WordPress Editing

We can manage your website and keep it up-to-date, secure and effective.

Sit Back & Let Digitalo Maintain Your WordPress Website

Keeping a website fresh and up-to-date takes time. And if you don’t use WordPress very often, simple changes can be even more time-consuming and difficult. It could be you want to also add new website functionality, find out how many visitors you’re getting or you want to get a bit more serious about SEO.

Security and updates are another important area of WordPress maintenance, essential to keep your site safe from hackers and malware. Digitalo can help with all aspects of your website maintenance.

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WordPress Services

Updates, maintenance, improvements or new functionality – Digitalo can do it all. 

Day-to-day Updates

Web edits and system updates for your website to keep it fresh and secure.

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  • Adding new pages, adding new sections, updating content, modifying the menu or footer etc.
  • Manage your online shop.
  • Manage WordPress, theme, and plugin updates safely so you don’t have to worry about damage or incompatibility from updates, or untoward issues.

Back-end Improvements

Security, back-ups, SEO & upgrading to a modern theme. 

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  • Security: We can install security plugins to safeguard you from hacking and malware.
  • Back-ups: We have a premium back-up plugin so your site is continually backing-up and safe from loss or damage.
  • SEO: We have premium SEO plugins we can install to help with search engine ranking and we can edit your metadata (titles and descriptions seen in Google.) 
  • New theme: Updating to a new and modern theme also offers benefits in terms of SEO & responsiveness for different screen sizes.
  • HTTPS: We can help you get a secure green padlock icon which boosts search engine ranking.

Front-end Improvements

New design, copywriting, new functionality and new images.

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  • New style: We can update your look or change over your theme to something that offers more design flexibility and better screen-size responsiveness.
  • Copywriting: Not impressed with your own text? We can re-write your content to sharpen its impact & improve SEO.
  • Functionality: Social media sharing, online booking, shop or more, we can find you the right solution.
  • Images & Photos: Images have a profound visual impact – we can help find the right images for your business.

WordPress Training

We can help teach you how to maintain your site for your day-to-day changes.

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We’ll teach and show you how to edit, manage your updates, edit your menu and footer, delete pages and anything else you’ll find useful. If you use the Divi theme we’ll also show you how to use the editor and visual builder too. 

WordPress Services Samford

WordPress Add-Ons

We can assist with all aspects of your WordPress website and related services.


Analytics: We can install Google Analytics and set up automatic reporting for you.

Legal Compliance

We can tell you if you have the right policies to be legal and where to get the wording.

Hosting & Emails

We can manage the hosting side, find you a better host and create any email addresses you would like for your business.

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